• Tom Lombardo

Purpose Creates Productivity

As we enter into an era of hybrid work, with some people in the office and some remote, a sense of belonging is more important than ever.

Creating a sense of belonging at a company has always been difficult. Now that people have spent a year isolated, it's even harder.

A good way to approach the problem is to look at what people turn to when they want to find belonging. Social media like Facebook and Instagram create a "hyper-reality." People aspire to belong to the realities they select, even though most of them are false.

They want to belong to them because the moments that are captured on social media are the moments that people want to have for themselves.

Don't fight that. Work with it. Use it to create a sense of belonging at your company.

You can do this by focusing on your Core Values when you meet around your digital table. Core Values capture your company's purpose. Why are you doing what you do? What impact do you want to have on your market and your customers? What sort of people are attracted to that?

Your team members are inspired to work for you. It's not just about money. It's about impact. It's about achievement.

Impact and achievement are just like social media moments. When you focus on them, your people want to belong in that reality. They want to have those moments for themselves.

So focus your meetings on moments like that. Celebrate success.

This ties people to the purpose of your company. At at time when employee loneliness is at an all time high, a sense of purpose gives people a reason to try. When you celebrate success at your meetings, you inspire people to be the person whose success is celebrated.

On the practical side, this means letting team members show the whole team what they are doing. It means letting them show the team how their daily efforts contribute to the company. It means letting them set their own priorities and targets.

And it means having the whole team cheer when they follow-through on their priorities and hit their targets. They'll feel like they are making a social media post of their best moments.

And, their success is exactly aligned with your company's success. Tying these elements together gives them a sense of belonging. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment. It gives them a precious moment of social media-like fame.

When recognizing people becomes part of your team's journey around your digital table, magic happens. Your meetings become a high point of everyone's day. They either show gratitude for others, or they are appreciated for their contribution.

Either way, they know they belong. Successful management in our era of hybrid workplaces begins with this.

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Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash