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MeetingZen Feature Set

MeetingZen preys on the lazy by making them automation geeks and empowers the super organized to become meeting super heroes

Connect with Everything

Seamlessly add any data, dashboard or document into MeetingZen to frame your recurring conversation around structured data. MeetingZen connects with over 2000+ software tools

Invite anyone. No Downloads Required

The last thing that someone needs is ONE MORE TOOL. As a meeting organizer, anyone that you invite attends for FREE and they never need to download MeetingZen unless they want to begin creating meetings of their own

Generate Custom Meeting Templates

Stop building the same meeting over and over again. Build your own custom meeting agenda templates with the questions that you like to have answered at every meeting.

Share Meeting Templates with Anyone

MeetingZen allows you share templates that you build with any of your peers, clients or team members so they never have to build their own.


We're not all perfect. Sometimes we need a little friendly guidance to make sure that we're keeping on track. We don't bite, we just turn RED

Drive-in Movie

Parking Lot

A space where any meeting participant can post issues or questions that never have a home in a meeting agenda.  Also, makes a great place for quick access resources or items that are always referenced in a recurring meeting. 

Gift Boxes

Ultimate Meeting Facilitation Tool 

Early access to new tools that make meeting facilitation seamless


All tasks in MeetingZen are sent to everyone's preferred task management system so you're never forced to adopt a new tool anytime you meet with a new team member, client or individual 

Meeting Notes &  Summaries

Whether you were able to attend or not, MeetingZen sends high-level summaries to all meeting participants so that no one is left behind

Work Meeting

Live Meeting Notes

Collaborate in real time against any document, data or dashboard. No downloads required

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