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MeetingZen download & Authenticate guide

Eager to get started? Here is a step-by-step guide from download to authentication and use of MeetingZen within your Google or Outlook ecosystem.

MeetingZen for Google
MeetingZen for Outlook

Why, what, when

MeetingZen can be a bit  counterintuitive. As many softwares are! Below you will find a comprehensiveguide to download, autentication and first use of MeetingZen. This is the beginning of the journey that will take you from Level10 to Level Zen.

Here we go...

Download Calendar Extension

Download Chrome Extension

Open your Calendar.


Go, on, Level Zen your Meetigns!

Download MeetingZen calendar extension. You can find your Google link here and your Outlook link here.

If you’re using Chrome, you will need MeetingZen Chrome Extension. This will enable you to run different softwares within the iFrame box in MeetingZen. 

Now, this might be a bit tricky. After installation, MeetingZen icon will appear in your Side bar. The side bar can sometimes get sneaky, so have a look here on how to find a google side bar or here if you're using Outlook ecosystem.

Before you start using your extension, MeetingZen will prompt you to authenticate. Simply follow the steps as outlined in the extension and close the authentication window once MeetingZen does its thing. 

Here is an example of Google and Outlook authentication process for your convenience. 

Congrats on making it so far! It's time to start using MeetingZen. 

I know for many using new tool can be hard to navigate, so we prepared a comprehensive FAQ document for you to browse through. Alternatively, you can always reach us at

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