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The Future of Work is Hybrid

The Great Reset

Life as a meeting organizer sucks. We know it well because we've walked in their shoes for decades.  COVID was the straw that broke the camel's back. 

As we adapt to this new world, we envision a future where THE key to success in business will be designing your company, your team and goals around a meeting-led architecture. ​ Your recurring meeting cadence will be your pulse check on culture and performance. 


Nothing will replace face-to-face and not everyone is fortunate enough as virtual meetings disproportionately affect underrepresented members of the workforce. 

We believe. . .

To harness collective brain power, you MUST give everyone a mechanism to elevate their voice.

To decentralize decision making, conversations must be structured around data, wherever it lives.

You shouldn't be forced to adopt a new piece of software every time you meet with someone new.

Automating the mundane will empower us to focus on being present.

In a galaxy a far, far away. . .

We had one of the fastest growing business consultancies in APAC which grew into North America and taught strategy to executives globally. We were "The Business Execution Experts."

We've built KPI and meeting software in the past, but never scaled it to the level of influence that we wanted to have on humanity.

After facilitating hundreds of thousands of meetings, we distilled our learnings into one question, "What would the Ultimate Meeting Facilitator look like?" Seven design principals were created and MeetingZen was conceived. 

We are a team of seasoned of entrepreneurs, globally recognized business thought leaders, authors, cutting edge technologists and pioneers of building world-class cultures.



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